Connecting with the flow of Love


Are you ready to connect with the flow of love and embark on a transformative journey? Join us for a healing and playful Workshop, where love, peace, and healing converge

Who is this for?

This workshop is designed for courageous men and women, singles and couples alike, who seek a growth-oriented companionship based on equality.

In this 6-hour workshop, you will...

  • Feel and explore your deepest longings, opening up to new possibilities in partnership and companionship.
  • Overcome past love pain and fears, allowing yourself to fully embrace love once again.
  • Ignite the flame of passion within you, experiencing its powerful and transformative energy.
  • Reconnect with your soul, shining brightly and radiating your true essence.
  • Deepen your connection with like-minded individuals and your own inner self.

What You'll Gain:

  • A taste of love's potential in a whole new way, within a safe and respectful space that values your healthy boundaries.
  • Increased self-awareness, empowering you to make new decisions aligned with your true desires. 
  • The conscious flow of masculine and feminine energy, creating a harmonious dance within yourself and with others.
  • A tool for heart-opening and soul-nourishing exercises that you can take home with you.
  • Innocent honesty, fostering deeper connections and understanding between partners.
  • An opportunity to explore your projections and beliefs within a space of consciousness.

What We Provide:

  • A safe and held space where you can explore and unfold.
  • Deeper insights into our development path and innovative approaches to encounter and connection.
  • Heart-touching and soul-nourishing experiences, that create meaningful connections.
  • Playful encounter exercises to awaken joy and spontaneity.
  • A conscious environment to explore and understand your projections and beliefs.

Longings are moving us

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Join us in creating a protected, sensitive, and powerful space where your longings are cherished and celebrated. By choosing the path of love, you will gradually reveal the hidden longings within your soul. We understand that these longings may have been misunderstood or suppressed, leading to pent-up emotions and past pain.

Breaking the cycle of pain

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Together, we will break free from the cycle of suppressed pain, using the fire of longing as a source of power and energy to reconnect with the ecstasy of life. Allow the flame within you to spread, burning away the old and awakening your true essence. Let us guide you in becoming an overflowing, bubbling spring of love and celebration.

Power, Love und Celebration

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The workshop celebrates the beautiful polarity of male and female energy within us and between us. Through this divine dance, life energy flows, and creative power becomes available for the fulfillment of our deepest longings. Embracing our differences, we offer separate spaces for men and women to exchange ideas, reflect, and show vulnerability, recognizing the importance and wholeness of our intimate energies.

„Love and play are the forgotten foundations of being human.“ 
Humberto Maturana and Gerda Verden-Zöller

We invite you to:

  • Shed the clothes of your past for a day and simply be present as you are.
  • Take the risk of showing your authentic self, embracing vulnerability.
  • Learn to recognize and communicate your limits in a healthy and empowering way.
  • Trust love by stepping boldly into the unknown and allowing yourself to be guided.
  • Embrace insecurity and let go of perceived security, opening up to new possibilities.
  • Remember that everything essential is abundantly present in each moment.

What You'll Take Home:

  • Connections with courageous, like-minded individuals who understand your journey.
  • Recognition that you are not alone in your experiences of old love wounds.
  • Experiences of healing encounters that offer a taste of transformation.
  • Nourishment and a sense of fulfillment from the new experiences you'll have.
  • A liberating feeling as something begins to shift within you.


Date: ...2023
Time: 6 hours, from 2:00pm to 8:00pm
Place: Sol Y Luna Retreat Center
Cam. Cordobés, 18, 38400 Puerto de la Cruz, Maps

49 € in our online shop, or
59 € on Sunday in cash before the workshop

Please bring with you: Water bottle, colorful towels (to enhance your experience with vibrant and uplifting colors), Something to blindfold, something to eat in between (if you need it).

Join us at the SoulDating Workshop and embark on a journey of self-discovery, authentic connections, and the rekindling of your inner radiance. Reserve your place today and experience the transformative power of love, peace, and healing.